Complete Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom Remodels

A quality tiled walk-in shower installation can add value to your home that can’t be compared. It can be a cost-effective process that puts money back into your pocket when sold. Allow Triton Home Services to make your dreams a reality right in front of your eyes. We have a number of interior options that will wow you. Our tile designs include luxurious and elegant touches that can reinvigorate your bathroom. Triton Home Services specializes in a wide array of residential construction. Acting with honesty is the foundation of Triton Home Services. With this at our core, we have a sincere desire to do the right thing. In all facets: service, appearance, and equipment; we must maintain a high level of professionalism. At Triton Home Services, business is more than a mere transaction. We view business as an opportunity to provide a trusting service to our consumers. Being prompt in follow up is an essential asset to the long-term prosperity of our company. We accept criticism constructively, in order to genuinely render perfect service. All installers are insured in their respective areas. One can only work in a consumer's best interest with effective communication. We strongly believe this to be our most regarded standard.

Triton Home Services has become one of the leading residential remodeling contracting service in the Mount Washington and Louisville, KY areas through hard work and the satisfaction of our customers. We strive to provide a quality experience combined with durable, affordable, and quality materials. Triton Home Services keeps the customer first in determining the budget, craftsmanship, design, material, and even scheduling. As bathroom remodelers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville, KY areas, we take immense pride in our work. Our mission is to render an unmatched service to our clients. 

Triton Home Services works to turn a messy bathroom remodel into a fun and interactive experience for our customers. We do our own work in gathering the correct permits for specific jobs to be in accordance with the regulatory and building codes assigned to your area. Our skilled journeymen have a skill set like no other to provide a sense of craftsmanship in the Mount Washington and Louisville, KY areas. Our team has proven we can develop lasting relationships and quality work to create masterpieces in one’s home. Triton Home Services is a fully licensed and insured bathroom remodeler servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville, KY areas. 



Tile Backsplash

One part of your bathroom that you may not realize needs to be updated is the tile backsplash.  This simple redo is often the most rewarding of any bathroom remodel.  The area is indeed smaller but still allows you as our client to reinvigorate your bathroom.  When deciding on the perfect tile that will bring your desired image to life, Triton Home Services clients will find an assortment of eye popping colors and patterns. In addition we have access to an abundance of other various tiles in which to select from.  Triton Home Services is a trusted tile backsplash installer servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  A tile backsplash can protect your home interior walls from the moisture and stains that arise behind bathroom sinks. When you add tile to the area, you are removing the maintenance otherwise required while protecting the integrity of your walls. 

As quality tile backsplash installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas, we are experienced and pride ourselves on providing splendid customer service with each and every project, no matter the size or difficulty.  Our team is dedicated to putting in the required preparatory work to ensure perfect quality so that our tile backsplashes are properly installed. The tiles used contain the added benefit of a stain resister and assure that the tiles can be easily maintained.  Our team of licensed and fully insured tile backsplash installers are well aware of the latest trends and processes and are most willing to aid you in developing your vision for a total new look to your bathroom.


Tile Flooring

Are you looking to transform your bathroom?  Give it a new look?  Something as simple as a new tile floor can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. Triton Home Services has a long and impressive resume of being quality tile floor installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  We know the correct materials and how to install them to ensure your new tile flooring meets your vision, with a professional on-time installation.  Triton Home Services carries the newest designs and patterns that our clients are looking for, and has the ability to locate other tile as well, as trusted tile floor installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.

Tile flooring outranks other bathroom flooring due to its outstanding durability and low maintenance as desired by today’s consumers.  It is so easy to maintain.  The tile flooring provided by Triton Home Services can also include various properties, like a no-slip surface, adding to the safety of your bathroom.  Triton Home Services is a professional and reliable tile floor installer servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  The Triton Home Services team guarantees that every client is a priority and prides itself on open lines of communication throughout each project.  Our daily goal is staying within budget while keeping the end target date in constant view.  The beautiful result and your ultimate satisfaction are our goal as we are always expanding our “repeat customer” listing


Tile Showers

Triton Home Services has experienced tile shower installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  We know the important aspects of a quality tile shower installation which will translate into a wonderful experience for you, our valued customer.  Know that all waterproofing will be done thoroughly and correctly, we will work with you on selecting the correct materials and will then deliver quality and prompt workmanship.  The Triton Home Services team of tile shower installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas know the best practices and excel at providing quality customer service throughout the length of the project, no matter the size or complexity.

While a tile shower remodel may be time consuming to complete the beautiful result desired, Triton Home Services prides itself on staying within the timeline promised with every project.  As a trusted and experienced tile shower installer servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas, we assure our clients by incorporating their ideas and vision to determine and ultimately construct the shower they truly want to transform the bathroom.  We understand that every client's vision is the guideline to success. The team here at Triton Home Services uses our experience to aid in the selection of all materials while developing and molding your vision into a manageable project within your budget restraints.


Walk-In Tile Showers

Triton Home Services is a quality tile walk-in shower installer servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  We are highly experienced at the remodeling of an entire home and specifically the bathroom.  One way to transform your bathroom is by adding a new tile walk in-shower.  These showers draw your eye to them immediately upon entry.  These functional showers save room based on the surface that they require. When you are developing your vision, it is important to be thinking about coordinating your floor tile and shower tile and the overall color palette to be used.  When finalizing your bathroom remodel details our team will make sure this essential part of the project is NOT overlooked.  A new and improved tile walk-in shower can provide you with a distinguishable and masterpiece new look. 

Triton Home Services has helped many choose the best time frame to complete their bathroom remodel.  We devote the time needed to formulate the perfect plan to complete your worthwhile project.  Our team of highly qualified tile walk-in shower installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas use their long list of experience to determine to best action plan for every project. We adhere to our estimates, for materials, labor and project length, and our service is not complete without total site cleanup up.  We understand the value of trust and respect and here at Triton Home Services, we excel at both. The Triton Home Services team are here to serve you.  Contact us today to begin a rewarding journey you can be 


Bathtub Options

Bathtub Surrounds

Looking for a way to give your bathroom a simple but amazing facelift? One way would be to opt for a bathtub surrounds remodel, or simply to change the walls that surround the tub. With every use these walls are exposed to large amounts of minerals, soap and water that can eventually lead to the formation of cracks, mold and mildew.  At the development of any of these things your bathroom has turned into a costly and unusable disaster.  Triton Home Services is a trusted bathtub surround installer servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  Updating the bathtub surround before it’s too late can be a simple and rewarding task that allows you, our client, to receive a total new professional look in your bathroom while avoiding any dangerous future pitfalls.

Our highly trained Triton Home Services bathtub surround installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas are experienced in removing your existing wall material and prepping for the new installation before beginning on the project that will give your bathroom a renovated and modern look.  We understand that this job may seem like a time consuming activity.  Here at Triton Home Services, we have trained ourselves to maintain budgets and timelines that we have set with our clients. The bathtub surrounds often include tile panels that can vary in designs and colors. We pride ourselves in assisting our clients to locate the design they are looking for no matter how hard it is to find. Triton Home Services continues to update our collection to ensure our customers are aware of the latest trends and designs for the perfect bathtub surround.  Call us today to get started.