Complete Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodels

Looking for another option to set your home apart from others, contact us for your new complete kitchen remodel. The process to remodel an overcrowded or outdated kitchen will create issues with multiple facets of one’s life. The process of preparing and cooking food, as well as entertaining guests will become more gratifying with a newly updated kitchen. In order to be a reputable kitchen remodeler servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville, KY areas, we must and do take pride in our work, services, quality, and communication. 

Custom kitchen remodels takes the stress away from the daunting task at hand. As a professional kitchen remodeler, our experts maintain constant contact to ensure professional assistance every step of the way. The process may include but is not limited to selecting the appliances, countertops, cabinetry, backsplash tile, and flooring. Triton Home Services provides options for various light fixture installations to brighten your kitchen atmosphere and brighten your day. We strive to make your goals and aspirations the end result while maintaining our integrity. We are proud to be a fully licensed and insured kitchen remodeler servicing the Louisville, KY area. 



Tile Flooring

Something as simple as a new tile floor can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. Triton Home Services has a long and impressive resume of being quality tile floor installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  We know the correct materials and how to install them to ensure your new tile flooring meets your vision, with a professional on-time installation.  Triton Home Services carries the newest designs and patterns that our clients are looking for, and has the ability to locate other tile as well, as trusted tile floor installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.

Tile flooring outranks other bathroom flooring due to its outstanding durability and low maintenance as desired by today’s consumers.  It is so easy to maintain.  The tile flooring provided by Triton Home Services can also include various properties, like a no-slip surface, adding to the safety of your bathroom.  Triton Home Services is a professional and reliable tile floor installer servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  The Triton Home Services team guarantees that every client is a priority and prides itself on open lines of communication throughout each project.  Our daily goal is staying within budget while keeping the end target date in constant view.  The beautiful result and your ultimate satisfaction are our goal as we are always expanding our “repeat customer” listing.


Tile Backsplash

This simple redo is often the most rewarding of any kitchen remodel.  The area is indeed smaller but still allows you as our client to reinvigorate your kitchen.  When deciding on the perfect tile that will bring your desired image to life, Triton Home Services clients will find an assortment of eye popping colors and patterns. In addition we have access to an abundance of other various tiles in which to select from.  Triton Home Services is a trusted tile backsplash installer servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  A tile backsplash can protect your home interior walls from the moisture and stains that arise behind bathroom sinks. When you add tile to the area, you are removing the maintenance otherwise required while protecting the integrity of your walls. 

As quality tile backsplash installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas, we are experienced and pride ourselves on providing splendid customer service with each and every project, no matter the size or difficulty.  Our team is dedicated to putting in the required preparatory work to ensure perfect quality so that our tile backsplashes are properly installed. The tiles used contain the added benefit of a stain resister and assure that the tiles can be easily maintained.  Our team of licensed and fully insured tile backsplash installers are well aware of the latest trends and processes and are most willing to aid you in developing your vision for a total new look to your bathroom.


Our Commitment To You

We are committed to providing you a great experience throughout the entire kitchen remodeling process – from creative design to detailed planning to execution and construction. 

We do this by adhering to a strict set of guidelines that serve as the foundation of our process.

By ensuring certainty on cost, time and quality, we make sure our customers never experience a nightmare project.


Kitchen Remodeling Q&A

How should I begin to plan my kitchen remodel? 

The approach to take when considering to remodel your kitchen is to decide what aspects work for you and which do not. This will help you discover your goals for your kitchen. As you begin to place your ideas, Triton Home Services will discuss with you the best way to plan to create your dream. Our professionals will use their experience and intuition to develop the best possible strategy for success.

How do I know that you will follow my ideas for the kitchen remodel? 

Through every step of the creation process, you will be at the forefront. It is the Triton Home Services mission to guarantee customer satisfaction in all of our work. We will commence with an initial consultation and planning phase to discover goals, ideas, and price points. Triton Home Services will remain in constant contact with you to be a point of reference for any concerns or questions that may arise.

Kitchen remodels can take a long time. Will the kitchen remodel be as time-consuming as anticipated? 

While kitchen remodels do render a bit of a disturbance to a household, Triton Home Services ensures that we will work diligently to finish the project quickly without shedding integrity or quality in our work. Our professionals do their best to determine and manage any delays that could occur during the remodel.

How will my kitchen size and space affect the remodel of my kitchen?

Size is not a factor for Triton Home Services. We will develop strategies to make the space work for you to develop your dream kitchen. Triton Home Services has access to various space-saving appliances as well as cabinets and layouts that can be customer-designed and unique for every situation.

How expensive can a kitchen remodel project be?

Every kitchen remodel has its own unique properties. Although it is difficult to determine a general estimate, Triton Home Services will deliberate all costs with the customer with detailed requirements before any and all decisions are made.

How can I stay within my budget for the kitchen remodel project? 

The greatest expenses of a kitchen remodel are the appliances and cabinets. This is why here at Triton Home Services we take such a profound stance on including the customer in every decision. We intend to make wise decisions based on the budget set and the client’s desires for the project. The custom design will add to the cost, but we can suggest options that will give you a congruent look while maintaining your budget.


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