Hardwood Flooring

The Triton Home Services flooring installation team is equipped with developing a floor that the customer can be proud of. We are a fully licensed and insured wood floor installers servicing the Mount Washington area. We can provide you with the unique and modern look that you have been dreaming of. The Triton Home Services Team will be with you every step of the way to find the material and design that will make you flooring stand out and something that you will be proud to invest in. We provide competitive rates for measurements and estimates. Allow Triton Home Services to install that new flooring to transform your home. As wood floor installers servicing the Louisville area, we take a pride in the work we accomplish for you.

With our wood flooring installations, Triton Home Services also completes other essential responsibilities for a quality and successful job. Completing these tasks help your floor look better and take away the risks of injures at the home. Our highly skilled floor installers are experienced in these skills as well as keeping a strong line of communication with the customer to help ease their mind through a process that can be very strenuous. As wood flooring installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville area, people trust Triton Home Services to completely transform the flooring in their home. 


Tile Flooring

Are you looking to transform your bathroom?  Give it a new look?  Something as simple as a new tile floor can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. Triton Home Services has a long and impressive resume of being quality tile floor installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  We know the correct materials and how to install them to ensure your new tile flooring meets your vision, with a professional on-time installation.  Triton Home Services carries the newest designs and patterns that our clients are looking for, and has the ability to locate other tile as well, as trusted tile floor installers servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.

Tile flooring outranks other bathroom flooring due to its outstanding durability and low maintenance as desired by today’s consumers.  It is so easy to maintain.  The tile flooring provided by Triton Home Services can also include various properties, like a no-slip surface, adding to the safety of your bathroom.  Triton Home Services is a professional and reliable tile floor installer servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.  The Triton Home Services team guarantees that every client is a priority and prides itself on open lines of communication throughout each project.  Our daily goal is staying within budget while keeping the end target date in constant view. The beautiful result and your ultimate satisfaction are our goal as we are always expanding our “repeat customer” listing.



One way a Triton Home Services customer may transform the look of a single room or their entire home is with carpeting, by either opting to select new or repair the existing.  Either choice will add the refreshing touch that a Triton Home Services customer desires.  By opting for new carpeting there are many patterns to choose from or one can simply select a solid carpeting to blend with your color palette.  We are professional carpet installers serving the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas and it is our objective to create the image you want to complete the look desired for your project. Triton Home Services offers an abundance of carpeting colors, styles and patterns for any budget that, upon installation, will amaze you, your family and friends.  After having had the opportunity to examine our various carpeting samples, you can only then imagine how their soft and easy feel will transform your house into a cozy home.  Triton Home Services offers so many options that our customers never worry that their dream will not be fulfilled.

The Triton Home Services carpeting professional team ensures that first the proper area measurements are taken, followed by precision integrated installation of the under-pad and carpeting.  Carpet installation services are offered for the Mount Washington and Louisville, KY areas.  Carpeting is an insulator and often serves as an energy saver.  In addition, home acoustics are often enhanced through the carpet under-pad.  Carpeting is easier to clean and maintain than hard surface flooring, and has the added bonus of affordability. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, IICRC, confirms that carpeting does indeed cost less than hard surface flooring when it pertains to purchasing, cleaning and maintaining.  As reputable carpet installers in the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas, Triton Home Services takes strong pride in our communication, quality of service, commitment to detail and our overall finished product.

The Triton Home Services carpeting division combines three main aspects: Safety, Health and Sustainability.  Carpet flooring diminishes the slip-and-fall possibly that could occur with hard surface floors.  We take the time and effort to follow the provided manufacturers installation guide for proper installation in order to guarantee your future safety.  Carpeting may at times collect those contaminants which could be more easily removed from hard surfaced floors.  With the new technology Triton Home Services has been implementing, we do have the capability to recycle and also reduce the need to acquire more raw materials.  Our products contain a sustainability factor that is unmatched even after years of wear.  As carpet installers and repairmen servicing the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas, we are dedicated to providing the most affordable quotes and take pride in our ability to provide exceptional work. Triton Home Services provides accurate quotes, reliability and experts to keep your satisfaction our main priority.  Call us today to begin a valued relationship.