Window Installation

Increasing your property value is a concern of every homeowner. One major step to reach this goal is installing new windows to your home. These new windows can help a homeowner also save on the utility bill. Though this can seem like a daunting task, our team of professionals at Triton Home Services keeps the stress away from the customers. As a window installer servicing the Mount Washington, KY area, we take pride in our work to gain customer satisfaction. 

Our partnership with ENERGY STAR® has enabled us to establish a reputation of using energy efficient windows keeping the excess heat out during the summer while staying warm during the winter. The Energy Star window provide the most pristine efficiency while keeping its comfortability improving your home's value. In order to be a reputable window installer servicing the Mount Washington, KY and Louisville, KY areas, we take pride in our communication, quality of our service, and in our work. 

The vinyl replacement windows provided by Triton Home Services reduce the number of UV rays that come enter the home. We are proud to be fully licensed and insured window installers servicing the Louisville, KY area. The practicality of these windows are not complex but are proven to protect from intrusion. Our products help give you the trust in your windows you need whenever you take a trip. According to Remodeling Magazine, "if you invest in vinyl windows, you can recoup up to 73% of your cost." Triton Home Services include a group of reputable vinyl window repairmen. 

Window Glass Repair and Replacement


Residential and Commercial Glass Replacement

When it comes to residential glass needs in the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas, Triton Home Services has you covered! How about when your lawnmower accidentally launches a rock through your patio door? Or the young neighbor practicing his batting abilities sends that baseball through your window? No problem. Give Triton Home Services a call for an immediate remedy. You will want to resolve the problem as quickly as possible - to avoid impacting your home’s appearance and compromising energy efficiency. Windows are one of the most important aspects that will make a house your home as they are a barrier against wind, extreme temperatures and environmental dirt, while allowing natural light in.

Single & double pane windows, patio door replacement glass, glass hand railing, custom reduction glass for your tabletop or desk - many of the offerings of Triton Home Services serving the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.

Triton Home Services can also provide Low-E glass windows, whether they are new or if you prefer to upgrade your existing windows. These coated windows reduce your year round power expenses by blocking UV rays while allowing 95% of natural light to come through. We are professionals in so many areas and are here to serve the Mount Washington and Louisville KY areas.

We pride ourselves in offering brilliant merchandise and exquisite service, at a competitive cost. We believe our success begins with you, the customer, as the trust you place in Triton Home Services creates a power inside our team to provide an awesome experience, within your budget parameters and agreed upon time frame for your project. Size or complexity is not an issue with the trusted team at Triton Home Services. 

Triton Home Services is proud to provide a range of services for your commercial glass needs. We have projects ranging from single door replacements to those in strip shops and in multi-story office buildings.  Whether the assignment is a repair of a misguided entrance door or a complete storefront remodel, Triton Home Services can be counted on for your commercial glass needs.  We also full-service restore industrial door hardware and can supply door closers, deadbolts/locks, push/pull bars, door stops, hinges and more. Give Triton Home Services a call to talk further about your commercial glass needs.